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A root canal treatment is necessary if a tooth nerve is irreversibly inflamed or dead. The reasons for such damage to the nerve can be many and varied: deep caries down to the nerve, a filling too close to the nerve, a break in the tooth crown with opening of the nerve, a concussion of the tooth with tearing of the nerve at the root tip, a deep crack in the tooth, too invasive grinding of the tooth for a crown or bridge etc.


The Jordi dental practice in Solothurn offers high-precision root canal treatments to preserve the damaged tooth. A root canal system that is as free of bacteria as possible is the basic prerequisite for the healing of the tooth and its bony environment. The treatment is performed by cleaning, disinfecting and filling the root canals. The root canal treatment is completed by the restoration of the tooth crown. Crowns or partial crowns are often necessary to sufficiently stabilize the tooth. Our root canal treatments are of course carried out under local anaesthetic so that the treatment is completely painless.

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