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The loss of teeth can have a significant impact on the well-being and quality of life of patients. Many patients are ashamed of their missing teeth and do not like to smile anymore.

With removable reconstructions, missing teeth can be replaced relatively inexpensively, thus restoring the chewing function and the aesthetics of the dentition. If the false teeth are removable, this is called a denture. Partial dentures (individual teeth are replaced and the denture holds on to the remaining teeth) and total dentures (all teeth are replaced and the denture only rests on the mucous membrane) are available. To improve the hold of dentures, different holding elements such as clasps, snap fasteners on tooth roots or implants up to implant-supported bars can be used.

In our dental practice we have a lot of experience with dentures of all kinds. Dr. Jordi is familiar with geriatric dentistry and palliative dentistry (i.e. avoiding pain and maintaining the best possible chewing function), and his dental practice in Solothurn and his team are also equipped and trained to deal with patients who are difficult to mobilize, disabled or demented. Our practice is wheelchair accessible, but not bed accessible.

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