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Many people suffer from various gum and periodontal diseases (gingivitis, periodontitis). Lack of oral hygiene, smoking, accompanying diseases and heredity may be causally involved. To determine the best possible treatment method for you, Dr. Jordi will first carefully examine, diagnose and advise you.

There are basically two ways to treat periodontal disease: Non-surgical treatment without or with antibiotic support and surgical treatment with antibiotic support.


Non-surgical Treatment

All root surfaces are freed from tartar and are smoothed, even under the gums. Usually we do this under anaesthesia. The tissue is cured, rinsed and treated using a laser. The gums then retract and lay back around the clean tooth root in a healthy way. If the response to the therapy is poor, it is repeated and supported with two different antibiotics.

Surgical Treatment

In severe cases, irrecoverable teeth and the diseased tissue are surgically removed. The roots of the teeth are then cleaned and smoothed under sight, hard-to-reach areas are made cleanable and, under certain circumstances, defects are filled with artificial bone. Antibiotics are used in any case. Such treatments are only carried out on very cooperative patients and with generally favourable prognoses.

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