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Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Solothurn? In our dental practice, you are in the right place. We offer school dental care in cooperation with the SSO (i.e. student examinations in our practice). In addition, we are of course happy to treat our little patients. In a playful way, we teach them how to brush and care for their teeth properly. Our main goal is to prevent the development of caries both on the milk teeth and on the first teeth. A considerable proportion of children still suffer from caries at an early age. Since the milk teeth’s enamel is much more susceptible, combined with poor dental hygiene and high sugar consumption, milk tooth decay can occur much faster. Daily teeth brushing, a healthy diet and regular visits to the dentist are therefore very important, especially for children. Dr. med. dent. Jordi and Ms. med. dent. Fabienne Matti deal with children in a casual, honest, patient and reassuring manner. They treat milk teeth carefully and painlessly, protect tooth enamel by means of fluoridation and also assess the position of teeth and refer you to specialist dentists if orthodontic treatment (braces) is necessary.

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