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Are you afraid of the dentist? Nobody needs to be afraid of the dentist these days, really. All our dental treatments can be carried out almost completely painlessly thanks to the latest technology and equipment, and thanks to sensitive and sufficient anaesthesia. Dr. Jordi has a lot of experience with the placement of syringes. You won’t feel much and we’ll wait for the full effect of the anaesthetic and carefully control it. This prevents any pain during the treatment.

Dental anxiety is usually caused by unpleasant childhood experiences, which is why we treat children with particular care and a playful approach. But we also treat our anxiety patients with the utmost care. In an extensive discussion and transparent information, we try to reduce their fear and thus prepare the patients well for the necessary treatment. Furthermore, we leave the pace and direction to our patients and we treat them absolutely painlessly, with patience and sensitivity.

It is very important to us that our patients trust us and feel comfortable and understood in our practice.

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