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Tooth loss can have a variety of causes and does not always have to involve dentures. However, missing teeth can negatively influence the chewing function as a whole – and depending on the position in the mouth – also the self-confidence. Implants offer an ideal possibility to replace missing teeth. Our dentist Dr. Jordi in Solothurn works with high-precision implants (titanium screws) from Thommen, Grenchen. These screws are individually tested, self-tapping implants from the developer Mathys, one of the largest implant manufacturers in Europe. A dental surgery treatment like this takes several months. After the artificial tooth root is inserted, a longer healing process follows. Only when the implant has healed well the artificial crown is finally placed. It is colour-matched to the remaining teeth and can be loaded immediately while chewing. The chances of success of implants are extremely high and the treatment in our dental practice is practically painless. Implants offer a long lifespan and a long-term solution with unique wearing comfort and improved chewing function.

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