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In our dental practice in Solothurn we also offer treatments against bad breath and para functions such as grinding or pressing.


Bad Breath

In order to eliminate bad breath, it is first necessary to find the cause. For this purpose, the oral cavity is thoroughly checked. Oral hygiene, fillings and crowns are checked, teeth are checked for caries, fractures or abscesses, periodontal screening (measurement of gingivitis and pockets) is performed, and tongue plaque and the degree of moistening of the oral mucosa are clinically assessed. In most cases, bad breath can be eliminated by professional teeth cleaning and improved oral hygiene including flossing and tongue cleaning. If pathologies (disease processes) in the oral cavity or – very rarely – in other parts of the body are responsible for bad breath, these are first addressed and treated.


Para Functions

This usually means subconscious and excessive activities of the chewing apparatus, often especially during sleep. The causes of teeth grinding or clenching, which are unfortunately widespread, are mostly psychosomatic factors such as tension or stress. If you suffer from teeth grinding or clenching, it is important to see a dentist because teeth, chewing muscles and jaw joints are exposed to high stress. The consequences can be far-reaching: loss of tooth substance, hypersensitivity of the teeth, receding gums, jaw joint problems but also head and neck pain. We offer comprehensive advice and, depending on the case, individually manufactured bite splints or night guards.


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